Wylde Green Kitchen

A passionate approach to nutrition teamed with a greedy love of tasty, healthy foods grew my idea for Wylde Green Kitchen. I have been vegetarian for over 20 years and more recently have become vegan. I have eaten my fair share of bad veggie lasagnes, so out of necessity and curiosity I started experimenting in my own kitchen.

A stint at Cranks in London inspired me to get creative and the birth of my twin boys and the want to nourish their perfect little bodies lead me to a deep love of growing my own organic vegetables and herbs.

I studied Herbalism and was fascinated and amazed at how plants can heal and facilitate change in our bodies. I believe food should be something to celebrate and should not be about deprivation and calorie counting. Nutritious, plant-based seasonal wholefoods are guilt free as I see it!


At Wylde Green Kitchen provenance and quality are top of my priority list. I like to use locally sourced produce where possible and I am perhaps a little overly excited about offering food that is high in nutrition, packed with minerals, vitamins and fibre and is often naturally wheat, dairy and of course meat free. As time passes and I read more about the mistreatment of animals and our disregard for these sentient beings, I find my food is reflecting my concerns. I feel happier cooking and eating vegan now and I’m so glad to see that there is a growing movement and that restaurants and shops are taking notice of a once marginalised group.

In a time where the unsustainable consumption of meat is a worry to many and a strain on our planet I am hoping to bring you food that treads lightly both on the Earth and on your digestion. Heartfelt whole food.



“Would like to say a big thank you! Gilly could not have been more helpful and the food was amazing! We received really positive feedback from everyone that attended the event and we would happily use Wylde Green Kitchen again in the future.”
– Jess Wicks – Brand Correspondent
LUSH  Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

“I’ve been lucky enough to eat Wylde Green Kitchen food a couple of times now! Amazing! there’s nothing that’s less than deliciously tantalising and spectacular .”
– Vanessa Warwick

“Just ate Vegetable Makhanawala for dinner and it was fantastic, would definitely recommend this to anybody looking for a rich tasty meal. Thanks Gilly will order this again. xx”
– Ingrid

“I have been having my Friday night takeaway delivered for a few months now and am loving it! Every meal I have had has been deliciously tasty, imaginative (loved the close encounter pie) and very good value for money with generously sized portions. Gilly also provided the food for a little dinner party I had with a few friends who all absolutely loved the food with the salted brownies still being talked about now.”
– Michelle

“Gilly’s food is consistently amazing and delicious! She cooks from the heart and it shows in the beautiful presentation and taste!”
– Laura Cooper

“Gilly is brilliant! She has loving produced the most delicious food for several of our retreat days now and everyone has loved it! Looking forward to the next one already x”
– Helen McCabe

Amazing – The Lemon Cheatcake is to die for. Will be back for more!
Tara Howard
CEO Venus Women Awards

Contact Gilly

Wylde Green Kitchen is based in Poole Dorset and can cater to events within a 20 mile radius.

Please contact Gilly to discuss bespoke menus for your event or for any queries or comments you may have, I love to talk food!